Professional factory in producing Laser cutting machine and Steel rule auto bender machine and Quilting machine for mattress Since 2005.
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Worthy Tall  Is The Only Supplier in China owns :
 Research and Development of  Vision Cutting Recognition Software
 Motion System Mechanical Design
 Laser Equipment Manufacture with Capability of Machine Structure Design, of All-round Research and Development.
The latest design pneumatic feeding Sets, easy to install, fast and smoothly;
Integrated Humanized design to  the overall generous appearance , easy to operate, perfect quilted pattern;
The first infrared device broken device, non-contact, reliable performance;
The first domestic quilted independent pattern, the use of pneumatic thread trimming technology, thread cutting fast. 
Machine Feature
Auto Bending ,Bridging , Cutting , Lipping, Broaching with 0.45-3mm thick and 8-60mm high blade.

Applicable materials and industries
Widely used in blade bending, package box and so on
The laser die board cutting machines and automatic blade bending machine have been widely used in the printing, packaging and laser cutting die making industries.
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