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Home » News » product News » LaserBox, a desktop-class intelligent laser cutting machine for education and creation

LaserBox, a desktop-class intelligent laser cutting machine for education and creation

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LaserBox, a desktop-class intelligent laser cutting machine for education and creation

Education is the most important way to cultivate talents. Nowadays, primary and secondary education has gradually surpassed the traditional theoretical and cultural teaching and transformed into a new teaching model combining theory and practice, such as STEAM education. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics acronym) aims to develop students' hands-on, creative, teamwork and problem-solving skills through interdisciplinary project forms, which is the future direction of education.

In 2016, the Ministry of Education issued the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Education Informationization”, which clearly stated that it should vigorously promote STEAM education; in 2017, the State Council issued the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” to encourage the gradual promotion of programming education. As an advanced education model, STEAM education is gaining popularity throughout the country.

In response to national policies and better motivating students' innovative consciousness and improving students' practical ability, STEAM courses such as robot education, programming education and 3D printing have been adopted by more and more schools.

Children have always lacked good ideas, but it is difficult to find the right tools and parts and modules necessary to achieve the creativity. The emergence of laser cutting machine fills the gap in this aspect, providing children with unlimited DYI possibilities, and is a necessary item for cultivating children's innovative and practical ability in the future.

As a key tool for STEAM education, “Laser Cutting Machine” has also been included in the two major documents of “General Standards for General High Schools of 17-1834” and “Information Technology Course Standards for General Senior High Schools” issued by the Ministry of Education, breaking The limitations of children's creation tools.

However, most of the laser cutting machines on the market are industrial applications, which not only occupy a large area, are cumbersome to operate, but also have poor safety and high thresholds for use, which makes teachers and students discouraged. The operation of each cutting project is very cumbersome. The user must set the hardware and software parameters such as wheels, cooling system, air pump, purifier, debugging software, laser power, etc.; and the price is high, the area is large, and the average family and school can't afford it.

The LaserBox launched by Makeblock takes into account the safety concerns of the public and reduces the seventeen steps of the traditional cutting machine into six steps: connecting the smoke purifier, turning on the power, starting the machine, Load material, drag the image, and press the button. Users can achieve one-button cutting by simply setting up the machine; and the desktop-level volume greatly increases the ease of use. The structural parts made by the laser cutting machine are low in cost, fast in forming and safe in operation, and are more suitable for classroom teaching than 3D printers.

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