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Mattress quilting machine manufacturers make work saves time and effort

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When you are sewing a mattress or a quilt, what machine is used to assist your work? For most people, a mattress quilting machine is chosen. Nowadays, the development technology of mattress quilting machine has undergone great changes. When we choose the mattress quilting machine, we can all use the mattress quilting machine, which can improve our work efficiency. Then the next small series will give you a detailed introduction.

Computer quilting machine is a lot of good or bad. To choose a good machine, the key is to look at the key parts of the machine, such as the materials used in each rotating part. The motor drives the whole machine. If the synchronous wheel is made of plastic or nylon. Be careful, it won't take long, and it depends on the specifications of the materials in each part.

In order to meet the requirements of the wide use of metal card clothing and high speed, the carding machine has been generally equipped with a doffer variable speed (fast and slow speed) device, which is convenient for operation.

Adopting the world's advanced mattress quilting head, the lower needle row X can be moved, and the quilting of various patterns can be completed with the upper needle row, without changing the needle position, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency. Professional quilting version system support, free to design, edit, simulate, powerful and complete. The thickness of the stitched mattress can reach 50mm, mainly producing high-grade home textile products. The working width of the machine can reach 2.9 meters, and it can produce large-sized quilting quilts and bedspreads.

According to the number of quilting needles on the machine, the mattress quilting machine can be divided into a single-needle mattress quilting machine and a multi-needle mattress quilting machine. The working principle of the single-needle mattress quilting machine and the multi-needle mattress quilting machine are basically the same, but there are great differences in the mechanical structure, and there are also essential differences in the control mode.

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