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Mattress quilting machine, ultrasonic quilting machine for mattress, fully automated quilted mattress" Details

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Computerized chain stitch multi needle quilting machine

 Mattress quilting machine

Automatic ultrasonic medical mattress machine

Machine introduction:


The company's self-developed medical mattresses and sheets special production equipment, this machine is controlled by computer program, using the principle of ultrasonic wireless stitching, through the slitting, cross-cutting and finished product output of the multi-layer PP non-woven fabric. Automatic operation; the finished product has the advantages of uniform specifications, no burrs, strong pulling force, etc. The overall quality is superior to similar products in the European and American markets, with high efficiency and outstanding performance.


Machine features:

With ultrasonic stitching technology, only one person is required to operate.

Fully automated control of material feeding, welding, stitching, and forming

The machine console has clear functions and is easy to learn.

The rack tube nodules are made of aluminum alloy and are not rusted, durable, easy to clean and beautiful.

After-sales and quality service issues

One. Quality assurance task range

The company's engineering design, production, commissioning and service are all carried out in the quality system mode. With the company's engineering strength and years of engineering experience, and passed the ISO9001 quality system demonstration, CE certification, we guarantee that the machinery and equipment purchased by your company are implemented with excellent quality requirements and management.

two. Quality assurance implementation scope:

1. The company's leaders fully participate in the establishment, implementation, and continuous improvement of a flexible and effective quality system;

2. Full training and development of personnel;

3. The combination of prevention and improvement carries out quality control on the whole process of product development, production, sales, service, etc.

4. Continuously improve product technology, develop high-tech products, and extend quality assurance to the after-products;

5. Guaranteed implementation according to plan and procedures, and continuous evaluation and verification during the implementation process.

3. Quality management certificate management method:

In the product development and development. Procurement. Production process. Check and test. Installation and operation. Technical service and maintenance in six aspects in strict accordance with quality inspection to ensure implementation.

A. Product design. Development control

Hardware development work includes feasibility analysis, overall design, detailed design, experiment, debugging small batch production, production technical specification, technical file summary and follow-up development plan, etc.

Software system development includes feasibility analysis, overall design, detailed design, system analysis, system design, programming, testing of commodities, technical summary and subsequent development plans.

Product development file management and confidentiality work is the overall responsibility of the company's chief engineer, and is responsible for collecting the company;

Development files include stage work files and technical results files;

At each stage of product development, a meeting review should be organized and the review records kept by the Administration.

B. Procurement control

1. Select suppliers based on their supplier's performance and their proven record of quality assurance capabilities to ensure they are able to provide products or tasks that meet contractual requirements;

2. When the demander or other representative needs to carry out inspections at the company's supplier, the company's special person is responsible for matching the inspection of the demander to ensure that the quality requirements of the buyer are met.

C. Customer property control

According to the requirements of the contract agreement, the customer's property for the customer to use or incorporate into the product shall be identified, verified, protected and maintained to ensure that the customer's product meets the specified requirements and the correct method of use is obtained.

D. Production process control

1. The production process should be carried out under controlled conditions. When the production quality is abnormal, it is necessary to analyze in time and formulate effective improvement measures;

2. Control the quality of the incoming material and ask the supplier to provide documentation to verify the quality of the incoming material.

E. Inspection, test control

1. The company's quality inspection department is responsible for approving inspection procedures to ensure that all types of materials or products pass the required inspection and testing;

2. Regularly inspect equipment and measuring instruments;

3. After the finished product is packaged, the quality inspectors shall carry out the final inspection and testing of the finished products according to the inspection standards and inspection plans, and the products after passing the inspection shall be put into storage and sales;

F. Construction and installation control

1. The company has a strong team of after-sales installers;

2. Have reliable and complete construction equipment and transportation;

3. Develop a scientific and rigorous installation inspection and inspection management system.

G. Technical service and maintenance control

1. The company's certificate provides customers with good technical advice, accessories and maintenance services in accordance with the requirements of the contract, and maintains complete records and customer tracking;

2. The user issues or the quality problems in progress are returned to the relevant departments by the after-sales service personnel, and corrective measures are taken in time;

3. When the contract has special requirements, provide after-sales service according to the relevant provisions of the contract, and meet the requirements of the customer to a large extent.

Fourth, after-sales service commitment:

1. After the machine is sold, the whole machine will be repaired free of charge during the year and provide after-sales service for life (except for consumables).

2. The quality problem of the machine, our company will help within 24 hours.

3. Long-term free technical consultation and excellent mold making solutions.

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