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Analysis of the development status and trend of quilting machine

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Multi needle quilting machine

First, the quilting machine introduction 

The quilting machine is one of the textile equipment currently widely used. Quilting is the trajectory of stitching on the material into irregularly arranged and independent or regularly arranged patterns. These patterns are not only to firmly sew the three layers of material, but also prevent the filler from moving. Enhance the three-dimensional sense of the sewing products and improve their decorative functions.

Second, the early quilting machine

The early quilting machine was a mechanical quilting machine. The machine made the pattern to be sewed into a formwork and fixed with the frame. The movement mechanism of the quilting machine moved the form on the stencil to drive the sew. The pattern motion on the template causes the stitched graphic to be identical or similar to the template. However, since the device-shaped flower-shaped trajectory must be connected and the turning radius cannot be too small, the profiling mechanism cannot work normally. And the design and production of the template is very cumbersome, long cycle and high precision requirements, which determines that the products produced by mechanical sewing machines are difficult to adapt to market changes, that is, small batches and varieties of products. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop and produce high-speed CNC quilting machines.

Third, the development status of quilting machine

With the development of electronic technology and the maturity of numerical control technology, people began to apply numerical control technology to quilting equipment, resulting in a computer quilting machine. The computerized quilting machine uses the numerical control system (or a dedicated computer digital control system) to control the movement mechanism of the quilting machine, and sews various patterns, which brings great convenience to the styles and product updates.

Dajin high speed quilting machine

According to the number of quilting needles on the machine, the quilting machine can be divided into a single needle quilting machine and a multi-needle quilting machine. The working principle of the single needle quilting machine and the multi needle quilting machine are basically the same, but there are great differences in the mechanical structure, and there are also essential differences in the control mode.

Judging from the current market demand, multi-needle quilting machines occupy the vast majority of the production share of quilting machinery. Imported quilting machine has the advantages of fast quilting speed, high efficiency, good quilting quality, etc., but it is expensive, generally can not afford small and medium-sized enterprises, and after-sales service, maintenance is not convenient, and accessories are difficult to buy. China's quilting industry has been in existence since the early 1980s and has now experienced manual quilting machines from manual sewing machines to cam quilting machines, computer continuous flower quilting machines, and now to computer continuous/independent/multi-pattern CNC Quilting machine.

Fourth, the development trend of quilting machine

With the consumer's personalization of the product and the requirements for complex and beautiful single-pattern. Single needle quilting machines are beginning to be popular. At present, there are many manufacturers in China that produce single-needle quilting machines. Basically, the inverter uses the frequency converter to control the spindle movement, but the output frequency accuracy of the inverter is limited, so that the speed of the speed is not high. With the increase of knitting varieties and the improvement of quality, the new-generation quilting machine requires that the t-axis motor speed change accuracy must be lower than O. 05%, in order to maintain the equilibrium tension of the fabric surface, analog signal control has been difficult to achieve this requirement. In order to meet the needs of the domestic market, it is necessary to develop a new generation of digital products. The single needle quilting machine that has appeared in the international market is now highly accurate, and manufacturers have produced a new generation of products with computer vision correction.

The market for computerized quilting machines is constantly expanding. In fact, such products are still very young. The real market application is only a matter of more than a decade, and its market space is still very large. At the same time, its technology upgrades and development are expected to be quite fast. The future development direction of the computer quilting machine will be a special quilting machine and a special quilting machine, and finally realize the intelligentization, realize the complete set of assembly lines for the process of opening, feeding, filling, trimming and trimming at one time. In addition, computerized quilting machines and computerized embroidery machines will be combined with remote control of the production process to realize the design and production automation, management informationization and process control intelligence of the quilting industry.

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