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Economic CNC Rotary Die Board Milling Cutting Machine For Rotary Die Board Making

WT-RC CNC Router Machine is use to cutting the rotary plywood for round die making. Which is eco-enviroment faster cutting speed than laser cutting machine. The precision is more enough to replace the laser cutting solutions for rotary die board making
  • WT-RC

  • WT

  • 8441100000

CNC rotary Die Board Cutting Machine

WT-RC  Auto CNC Cutting  Machine Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters
Cutting Speed 600-1000mm/minute
Cutting Gap 1.42 mm
Cutting Accuracy +/-0.1mm
Server Motor 3KW DORNA Server Motor
Main Axis 20000r /min high speed main Axis Make sure the cutting accuracy
Gas Air compressor supported to blow dusty, no need air dryer
Cooling system CW-3000 Chiller to cooling main motor
Working Material Beech, Plywood etc.        
Material  Thickness 13mm, 16mm, etc.
Material  Length <=3000mm 
Internal Diameter 170-800mm
Best Files format DXF,DWG,CDR,PLT
Weight 1700kg Volume 4200*1200*2200
Power 3kw  110V 220V/ 60HZ  50HZ Single Phase
Usage In Rotary Die Making, it Cut Rotary Die Board
Recommend spare parts Saw Blade
H.S Code 8441100000

WT-RC  Auto CNC Cutting  Machine Features:

    1. Features :

Specially developed software can import your CAD designs of corrugated box, computer controls cutting drill on servo motors to do cutting job on rotary die board, exactly same as your design.

    1. Cutting Unit:

It cuts with special drill. (one drill can cut several even more than 10 sets of dies)It is not laser.

    1. Advantages:

Compared to Hand Cutting: higher accuracy, higher efficiency and perfect cutting
Compared to Laser Cutting: low power consumption, low running cost, milling cutter consumption only, no need expensive air, no carbonization which results in better steel rule holding ability. More Environmental protection.

    1. Fully automatically drilling cut the installation hole, one-time to complete the rotary die cutting process

WT-RC Auto CNC Cutting Machine Pictures:


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