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Embroidery Machine with Multi Needle Quilting Function

  • WTQ-1200
  • 2450mm
  • 600-1500rpm
  • 80-280m/H
  • 130/21 140/22 160/23 180/24
  • 5inch 6inch
  • 450mm
  • 1 Inch
  • 380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
  • 10kw
  • WT
  • Wooden Cases by Shipping
  • 5100X1500X2000
  • Dongguan City China Prc
  • 8452219000
1200 RPM Multi-needle Quilting Machine
Embroidery Machine with Multi Needle Quilting Function
Embroidery Machine with Multi Needle Quilting Function

Quilting machine, computer quilting machine, WT1500 quilting machine Features:
1, The latest design pneumatic feeding Sets, easy to install, fast and smoothly;
2, In tegrated Humanized design to th e overall generous appearance , easy to operate, perfect quilted pattern;
3,The first infrared device broken device, non-contact, reliable performance;
4, The first domestic quilted independent pattern, the use of pneumatic thread trimming technology, thread cutting fast;
5, The latest design enhanced arms exercise mechanism, durable, no fuel, fast speed, small vibration;
No need to adjust the press plate' s position when thickness of quilting material aries
7, Perfect safety protection device
8, A new generation of design CNC control system, reliable performance, easy operation, high precision quilting;
9, CAD drawing System can be enlarged, reduced, arbitrarily modified, conveniently and quickly;
10, A powerful combination of patterns (covering 360 degrees, 180 degrees pattern), can store more than 100,000 patterns
11, Running state detection and prompts, the operation of the machine at a glance;
12, computer pattern automatic compensation function
Multi-span and independent patterns(360°and 180°patterns are available)
14,Needle bar and press plate are controlled by a double- swinging device without cam avoiding lubrication and dirtying of material
,Automatic stop motion control in case the top thread or the bottom thread breaks,automatic needle-lifting and CNC speed adjustment
Size (length*width*height) 5100X1500X2000(mm)
Weight 6000kg
Quilt width 2450mm
Rotation speed 600-1200RPM
Production speed 80-280m/h
Needle size 130/21 140/22 160/23 180/24
Needle arrangement (50.8 , 76.2 , 127) (76.2, 76.2 , 152.4)
Max horizonal movement 450mm
Needle space 25.4mm
Voltage 380V/220V 50HZ/60HZ
Stitch size 2-7 mm
Power 10KW
Quilting thickness ≤80mm

Embroidery Machine with Multi Needle Quilting Function
Embroidery Machine with Multi Needle Quilting Function

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Tel: +86 769 81111697
Phone: +86 13712624566
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