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Auto bending machine for die cutting Entry and advantage

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steel rule die bender

Auto bending machine for die cutting 


Function: machete, bridge position, flat cut, olecranon

Cutting method: swinging or automatic cutting

Blade thickness; 0.45mm, 0.53mm, 0.71mm, 1.05mm

Blade height: 8MM-30MM

Large bending angle: 100°

Small 90° bending radius: 0.4mm

Small curved front size: 1.5MM

Rear small cut size: 1.0MM

Feeding accuracy: ±0.03MM

Bending flatness: ±0.2MM

Good graphic format: DXF format

Air pressure requirement: 0.6MPA

Power requirements: 380V, 50/60Hz (standard)

Power: 1.3KW

Weight; 450KGS

Dimensions: 2700 × 1050 × 1350MM (length × width × height)


1. Support DXF file format, which can share the same file with the laser machine, eliminating the need for re-scanning, greatly reducing the workload of users and improving work efficiency.

2, applicable to a variety of die-cutting knives, wide application range, high flexibility, reducing user investment costs.

3, high-precision mechanical and electronic equipment to ensure the consistency of the machete.

4, high production efficiency, fast bending speed, good bending effect, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the master.

5. The machete machine with imported advanced mold steel has good wear resistance, high strength and durability, which reduces the user's use cost.

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