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Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

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400W/600W/1000W/1500W laser cutting machine for die making

China stable optical laser cutting machine, WT cnc medium power die board laser cutter 


982C16711,400W/600W can be a single head laser cutting die cutting machine cutting 18mm and 22mm board laser cutter template,6-9mm PVC rubber sheet(add oxygen can cut iron plate ,stainless steel,13mm can do blister knife template ,high efficiency ,uniform kerf ,consistent ,the precision error is less than 0.1mm. Maintenance is simple. Do not need gas. Equipment structure is compact .Need small area to install it. The cabinets are made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate,An external power source 220V. and low cost. Technology of simple knife adjustment ,cutting software and AutoCAD ,CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop can compatible edit the path manual operation. maintenance cost is low. greatly saves the production cost of laser cutting die.

2,Adopt the most advanced 400W C02 sealing type water-cooled laser tube combined with precision up to 0.05mm of numerical control mechanical systems. Not only Get The precision of laser die making, But also reduce the costs of laser die making. Suitable for wooden board laser die cutting and precision electronic laser die making. Adopt gantry structure ,to avoid the optical path deviation size problem that high power laser machine has.
3,Do not need to add any auxiliary gas to cut, laser cutting die consumption is extremely low. an external power source 220V is ok. And no opening preparation delay. The cutting costs is only 5 RMB/Hour
4,Can do one-time cutting 1mm-22mm wooden board, Plastic board, organic glass, Acrylic board at speed of 25-30m/h. And the machine can cut the gap at 0.45mm, 0.71mm, 1.07mm, 1.42mm and so on at uniform cutting kerf width also up and down seam.

Technical Parameters


High Precision HIWIN Screw guide
Laser TypeCO2 direct-current stimulated glass laser
Server Motor Inovance high precision server motor
Re-positioning Precision+-0.02mm
Cutting Precision+-0.01mm
Cutting Board Thickness1-25mm poly wood (Cut 1.5mm stainless steel board and 3mm Normal steel when Add oxygen gas)
Cutting Speed1-35m/h (18mm wooden board)  1-30m/h(18mm wooden board)
Pneumatic parts:Taiwan-- AirTag
Best Files formatDXF,DWG,AL,CDR,PLT (Auto Cad, Core Draw)
Cutting SizeX-axis travel length: 1200mm  Y-axis travel length : 1800mm
Power4kw  220V/ 60HZ  50HZ
Laser Power400W Single Header
Work Temperature0-45ºC
light-dimmer1 Pcs
Tool 1 Sets of tool box
Focus Len1 Pcs of
Laser Tube1 Pcs of QT 400W laser tube
high efficiency air filter1 Sets
Smock Exhaust fan1 Pcs
Water CoolingCW-6000
Warranty12 month (except laser tube and lens)
Weight2000kgOverall Size3400*2300*1500

Working Video:

Machine Details:

>>> CO2 Laser Tube For Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameters:

Laser output power1500Watts axial flow CO2 laser source
X-axis travel-length1300mm
Y-axis travel-length2500mm
Cutting precision±0.05mm
Re-Positioning Precision≤0.02mm
Cutting width0.45mm, 0.71mm, 1.05/1.07mm at one line (die board)
Average. cutting speed80-100meters/hour for 18mm plywood
Controlling systemPMAC Motion card PMAC
Transmission systemBall screw & Linear guide
Driving system3 Axial Servo
Optical systemSemi-optical
Moving structureGantry
Chiller systemSpecial Chiller system for laser generator system
Machine table whole sizes.3500mm*2500mm*2000mm (1300x2500mm)
Laser generator size 1500WL1950 * W850 * H1350MM 800KGS
G. Weight2000KGS/2500KGS
Voltage (Working table)Single Phrase 220V 50Hz
Voltage (Laser generator)3 Phrase 380V/50Hz/30A
Pressure of accessory air source0.8Mpa
Laser generator gas matchedHe, N2, CO2(99.99%)
H.S. Code8456110090

Standard Configuration of 1500W laser cutting machine
11000W/1500W axial laser generatorNT1500SM1
2working table1300*2500MM1
3Laser Cutting softwareCypCut1
4Industrial chiller for laser generatorCW-7500 EN 460H1
5Industrial chiller for working tableCW-5000 AIS1
6Exhaust fan 1100wCZR105E-111
7Exhaust fan 750wCZR90-71
8Air dryer 1.5m³/minND-10AA1
9Voltage stabilizer 30KVAPH-3301
10Panasonic AC Servo motor 1.5KWMHME152GCGM1
11Panasonic AC Servo motor 3KW
12Panasonic AC Servo motor 0.4KWMHMJ042G1U1
13HIWIN Screw R32R32-10T3-FSI-2025-2186-0.052
14HIWIN Screw R25R25-10T3-FSI-1411-1539-0.052
15HIWIN Linear Guide Rail 40HCH40CA2R1610Z0C1
16HIWIN Linear Guide Rail 30HCH30CA2R2960Z0C1
17II-VI Lens38.1mm DIA 190.5mm FL1
18II-VI Reflector50mm DIA 10mm THK1
19II-VI CPL Filter50.0mm DIA 10.0mm THK1
20Computer & MonitorWindows 71

1000W Laser Generator Key Components









Machine Features:
  1. Adopt Gantry style and mixed laser path structure, machine table bed hard and stable in working, small floor space required for machine, laser optical path short, adopt imported reflect mirror and lens from America to make laser path thinner and the cut stronger.

  2. Intelligent Electronic Laser cutting head coming with automatic touching system, automatically adjustment to adapt the jagged materials and keep cutting precision.

  3. Adopt Panasonic Servo Drive and Motor system, Taiwan HIWIN precision linear guide rail to keep high precision cutting.

  4. Highly effective smoke-exhausting system coming with optimized dust collector device to create healthy environment for operator.

  5. Automatic gas control system to ensure low energy consumption operation power consumption and gas consumption.

  6. Software is easy to operate, simple and easy to understand

  7. Be equipped with the optical path gas compensation function that can avoid difference and divergence of the beam and during the conduction process by gas disturbance, and can always maintain the positive pressure of clean gas in the optical cavity to prevent external smoke and enter in.

  8. Be equipped with the full compensation device in optical path of autonomous developed, to ensure the consistency of the beam diameter and the constancy of the focus in the entire range of processing.

Laser Cutting Machine Operating Environment Request:
  1. Floor Space/Occupied Area: Length 8Meters Width 5Meters around 40 square meters

  2. Air-Condition One Set for Laser Generator

  3. High Requirement Of Foundation: Concrete Foundation, Flat, strong and stable.

Assistant Equipment Request to run the Laser Cutting Machine:
  1. Air Compressor One Set (Power 5KW or 7.5KW 10HP, match with 0.6MPA gasholder )

  2. Freezer Dryer One Set (Assistant to be used with Air Compressor)

  3. 30KW Voltage Stabilizer One Set ( Can be used for both laser and bender machine together)

Assistant using Gas and Liquid
  1. Assistant using Gas: CO2, He, N2 and O2 (for cutting iron board sheet)

  2. Liquid: Purified Water

It's widely used in printing, package, die making, advertising signs, metal plates…etc. industries.
Applicable materials:
Plywood, MDF board, acrylic, iron board, steel board, stainless steel board…etc. metal and non-metal materials.

After-sales service:

    1. English-speaking engineer is available for installation and training under buy's cost around 5days.

    2. English software, installation and related training instructions and videos are available for end-users.

    3. In case of any problems or questions about laser technology you can always refer to WT Laser.

    4. With our customer-orientated service support, maintenance and repair costs will be kept low.

    5. One year guarantee for machine is promised.

WT-LC1500-1325 1500W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine Picture:

>>> Package & Shipping
Each machine is well packed with export standard wooden box.
We will make photos for the machine before the shipping and let you know the processing of the packing and loading.

>>> Our Exibition  Sino Packing Expo

>>> Our Services
1. Our machine is guaranteed for one year, not including normal consuming parts.
2. 24 hour technical support by email or calling +86-137-1262-4566.
3. User-friendly English manual and Video CD for machine using and maintaining.
4. Our self-developed English software can do all kinds of pattern recognition.
5. We supply 1 year warranty and life-Long engineering service.

>>> Please Let Us Know
1.what machine do you need?
2.what materials will be processed? The size and thickness?
3.what is your business scope? Are you end user or distributor?

Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

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