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Chain stitch multi needle quilting machine features

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Chain stitch multi needle quilting machine

1, multiple step quilting (covering 360 °, 180 ° quilted pattern)

2, the use of advanced noodle wire break detection technology

3, automatic needle lifting and numerical control speed

4, a new generation of computer control system, advanced mechanical structure, high precision of quilting, quilting process without excessive parameter adjustment or modification of the pattern

5, CAD drawing method, accurate graphics, convenient and fast.

6, powerful floral combination function, in the 3.2 meters of fabric can be quilted out each line of different patterns

7, can be quilted simple embroidery pattern single needle quilting machine 1. Automatic flip: after completing a bed quilting operation can automatically flip the seam to facilitate the replacement of quilting products

2. Broken wire detection: When the wire is broken, it will automatically stop, the wire breakage detection device will be red, and it can be retracted to the wire breakage for repair.

3. Step quilting: can carry out various step quilting operations

4. Emergency stop protection: Press the red emergency stop button at any time during work, and the quilting opportunity will immediately stop the power.

5. Process setting: It has the setting of various practical process parameters such as needle step selection, angle correction, pattern scaling, etc. The high-speed precision quilting of 2000 rpm, low noise, long service life of the machine meets the needs of customers. The high-quality and high-yield target quilting area is equal to the machine size, achieving the minimum machine installation area. It is the history of computer single-needle quilting machine. The automatic control of the cylinder turning technology ensures the high-efficiency operation of the machine. Please consult the technician for details.

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