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Die cutting laser cutting machine maintenance

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The guide rail and lead screw directly determine the transmission speed and accuracy of the laser blade die cutting machine. It is the most expensive mechanical component that can be replaced in the equipment. Effective maintenance not only guarantees the accuracy and speed of the equipment, but also extends the service life of the equipment.


Linear guides and ball screws are the core components of laser die cutters. In order to ensure the machine has higher processing accuracy, the linear guide and ball screw are required to have high guiding accuracy and good motion stability. The laser cutting machine will produce a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke during the work. Based on the large amount of smoke and dust deposited on the surface of the linear guide and ball screw for a long time, it has a great impact on the processing accuracy of the equipment, and it will affect the linear guide, Corrosion spots are formed on the surface of the ball screw, which shortens the service life of the equipment. In order to allow the machine to work normally and stably, and to ensure the processing quality of the product, daily maintenance of guide rails and linear axes must be carefully done.

Suggestion: Clean the linear guide and ball screw once every half a month, and shut down.

Materials required: clean cotton cloth, lubricating oil (the Great Wall 68 # guide oil is used for the linear guide rail, and the Great Wall grease is used for the ball screw)

Maintenance of linear guides: Wipe with a clean cotton cloth until it is bright and dust-free, plus a little lubricating oil (recommended to use Great Wall 68 # guide rail oil, or use sewing machine oil instead), and let the laser cutting machine run back and forth several times, so that the lubricant is evenly distributed Just fine.

The linear guide should pay attention to the following:

1) Keep the guide rail and its surroundings clean. Even if the invisible dust enters the guide rail, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the guide rail.

2) The guide rail should be used carefully during installation. It is not allowed to punch strongly, and it is not allowed to directly hit the guide rail with a hammer.

3) Use appropriate and accurate installation tools for the guide rails, use special tools as much as possible, and avoid using cloths and short fibers.

4) In order to prevent the rails from rusting, when taking the rails directly with your hands, you should fully wash the sweat from your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before operating. Pay special attention to rust prevention in the rainy season and summer.

5) Because linear guides are precision parts. Therefore, it is required to be quite careful when using it. If it is not used properly, the expected performance effect cannot be achieved, and the guide rail is easily damaged. However, under certain special operating conditions, the rail can obtain a longer life than traditional calculations. For example: linear guides are used under light load conditions, or when the rolling surfaces (tracks and rolling elements) are effectively separated by a lubricant film and the surface of the guide rails may be prevented from being damaged by contaminants.

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