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Multi needle quilting machine Introduction

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High Speed Lock Stitch Quilting Machine for Graments
High Speed Lock Stitch Quilting Machine for Graments

High Speed Lock Stitch Quilting Machine for Graments 

Multi needle quilting machine WT1500 quilting machine Features: 

1, The latest design pneumatic feeding Sets, easy to install, fast and smoothly;
2, In tegrated Humanized design to th e overall generous appearance , easy to operate, perfect quilted pattern;
3,The first infrared device broken device, non-contact, reliable performance; 
4, The first domestic quilted independent pattern, the use of pneumatic thread trimming technology, thread cutting fast;
5, The latest design enhanced arms exercise mechanism, durable, no fuel, fast speed, small vibration;
, No need to adjust the press plate' s position when thickness of quilting material aries 
7, Perfect safety protection device
8, A new generation of design CNC control system, reliable performance, easy operation, high precision quilting;
9, CAD drawing System can be enlarged, reduced, arbitrarily modified, conveniently and quickly;
10, A powerful combination of patterns (covering 360 degrees, 180 degrees pattern), can store more than 100,000 patterns
11, Running state detection and prompts, the operation of the machine at a glance;
12, computer pattern automatic compensation function
, Multi-span and independent patterns(360°and 180°patterns are available) 
14,Needle bar and press plate are controlled by a double- swinging device without cam avoiding lubrication and dirtying of material

15,Automatic stop motion control in case the top thread or the bottom thread breaks,automatic needle-lifting and CNC speed adjustment

Size (length*width*height)5100X1500X2000(mm)
Quilt width2450mm
Rotation speed600-1200RPM
Production speed80-280m/h
Needle size130/21 140/22 160/23 180/24
Needle arrangement(50.8 , 76.2 , 127) (76.2, 76.2 , 152.4)
Max horizonal movement450mm
Needle space25.4mm
Voltage380V/220V 50HZ/60HZ
Stitch size2-7 mm
Quilting thickness≤80mm

High Speed Lock Stitch Quilting Machine for Graments
High Speed Lock Stitch Quilting Machine for Graments

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