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Paper cutter tool material selection

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Program Control Paper Cutting Machine

The paper cutter, as its name suggests, is the machine used to cut paper. To cut paper, tools are essential. General paper cutter manufacturers will use ordinary carbon steel as the main material of the cutter cutter. The reason is that the strength and hardness of carbon steel are increased, which is more suitable as the main material of the cutter.

The deeper paper cutter manufacturers will use a variety of different materials to make the cutters of the paper cutter, and even after the production of a paper cutter, spare a variety of different types of tools, the main reasons for consideration are It comes to different products for machine cutting.

Paper cutter manufacturers should pay attention to the cutter

Many paper cutter manufacturers think that since the paper cutter is called this name, its function is just cutting the paper. However, with the update of office products, more and more products of different materials need to be cut, such as cardboard, plastic and even leather. For these materials, carbon steel cannot be used as the main material of the cutter cutter, but stainless steel, chrome alloy and other materials should be used to deal with the cutting of different materials.

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