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What is Auto bending machine for die cutting Automatic blade bending machine?

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What is Auto bending machine for die cutting Automatic blade bending machine?

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Auto bending machine for die cutting can be divided into high, medium and low gear, and can be mechanically upgraded. Widely used in the production of high-precision knife templates for electronics and optoelectronics. Nowadays, the electronics and printing and packaging industries are developing rapidly, and as a supporting industry, the die-cutting board (die-die) processing industry has been greatly developed. With the increase of market share, more and more enterprises and funds have entered the industry, which has made the knife-processing industry, which had a very profitable profit, into a difficult situation. However, in the market competition with price as the main factor, in addition to lowering production costs, improving production efficiency is also an important factor in winning the competition. The computer automatic bending machine is one of the two core equipments in the production of die, which plays an important role in the efficiency and precision of die cutting.

Scope of use

1: The bending machine is used for a variety of lasers and hand-made plates for color boxes, wine boxes, cigarette cases, and complicated cutters.

2: The bending machine is used in printing and packaging industry, laser die, doll, plastic knife die, manual die cutter factory.

1: adapt to the tool

(1) Thickness: 0.45-1.07mm Height: 8.0-24 mm

(2) Thickness: 0.45-1.42mm Height: 8.0-32 mm

2: First bend and then cut, so that the shear surface is flat, no burrs, greatly improve the accuracy of the die.

3: Two-way movable cutter head, which can be used to feed the cutters in two different directions, counterclockwise and clockwise.

4: Fully automatic bridge device, arbitrarily set the bridge width.

5: External precision olecranon cutting, can do seamless work, accurate and fast.


1: The automatic bending machine adopts the AUTO CAD platform interface, drawing faster and more accurately. Easy to learn operating software, convenient and efficient. The automatic bending machine is completely independent of the software patent. The software supports DXF, NC, AI, PLT and other graphic formats, and can be upgraded free for life.

2: The high-precision mechanical parts of the automatic bending machine and the excellent electronic components ensure the accuracy and consistency of the bending knife.

3: The unique professional design of the automatic bending machine, with powerful bending editing function, realizes the operation of the bending knife, the bridge position and the eagle mouth on the same machine, which greatly reduces the workload of the operator. It can be directly loaded into the cutting machine. Good template.

4: The automatic bending machine adopts the curved cutter die made of imported die steel, which has good toughness, high strength and durability.

5: The automatic bending machine adopts a “cutting” method after bending to improve the cutting speed and accuracy.

6: Full-automatic bending machine single/single group/multi-group processing mode, realize batch automatic processing.

7: Automatic bending machine is driven by imported high-performance servo motor, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces failure rate. 8: Visual automatic correction system, no need for manual measurement, greatly improving efficiency and reducing labor intensity. (Optional)


1. The control system is powerful and easy to operate. It not only supports the DXF format of AUTOCAD software, but also supports the *AI format of CORELDRAW and ILLUSTRATOR software independently. It does not need to use the CAD software to re-sculpt the curved knife, which saves time and improves efficiency. , the first in China!

2. The feeding part of the blade of the computer bending machine adopts the method of continuous feeding of the full-closed control roller, the size is accurate and error-free, and the product repeatability is good, making the operation more safe and reliable.

3. The bent part of the computer bending machine adopts the Japanese imported servo motor and the imported mold steel bending mold. When making complex patterns such as fine box mold, cartoon mold, doll mold and wave line, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the precision is in place.

4, a computer bending machine can be used as six artificial masters, greatly improving the work efficiency, reducing the cost of factory management, and getting rid of the dependence on the artificially difficult tool.

Operating procedures

The emergence of computer bending machine has made significant contributions to the printing, packaging, food, cartons, stickers and other industries. Among them, the fully automatic computer bending machine developed in the last two years has saved a lot of trouble, as long as Set the parameters, computer control, more convenient and simple. Although this is the case, I think that a large number of friends still don't know much about the operation process of the computer bending machine. Let me introduce it briefly:

1. Use AutoCAD or directly use the bending machine system WD-CAM to draw the die cutting board cutting diagram.

2. Transfer the cut line drawing file to the bending machine control program WD-CAM. Since this system is specially designed for the bending machine, all the functions and operations are available on the operation interface, and various parameters are set. , are convenient and fast;

3. Select the starting and ending points of the part to be bent, select the number of bending tools for this position, set the compensation distance of the starting and ending positions, and confirm the cutting method using the eagle or the flat cutting;

4. After the above steps are completed, you can start the machete work. Once the machete is finished, it can be loaded.


90° minimum R 1mm 180° minimum R 1.5mm

Maximum bending R 200mm Maximum bending angle 130°

Minimum 90° bend size 2mm Head minimum cut size 1mm

Minimum shear size at the end 0.5mm Feeding accuracy ±0.1mm

Bending flatness ±0.3mm

Bridge size Width 6mm length (adjustable)

Supported file type Air pressure 0.5~0.6mpa

Voltage and frequency 220V 50Hz full load power 1.2KW

Equipment size 1750*650*1350mm

Use environment, ventilate, dry below 40 degrees

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