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Wooden Die Board Laser Cutting Machine- Knife template

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             Wooden Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

The knife template is a kind of wooden board and a non-metallic material. Therefore, cutting this material is a non-metal laser cutting machine. But because the knife template is relatively thick material, it is generally about 18 millimeters thick. Therefore, the power it requires is also relatively high. Like the current knife die laser cutting machine, its power is generally above 300W. If it is lower than this power, the cutting effect of the knife template is not good, or it does not cut through. Therefore, it requires relatively high power. Of course, the higher the power, the better the cutting effect. The current high power of the knife mold machine reaches 2000W, and the cutting speed is also faster. At present, there are two types of knife die laser cutting. These two types are more common. The model is the cutting format, like 1218 means that its cutting format is 1200mmX1800mm. 1224 represents its cutting format: 1200mmX2400mm, high-power models are generally 1224 models, 400W600W models, and generally 1218 models are selected. Knife-type laser cutting machine, as its name implies, is a machine used to cut the board of a knife-type board, so it is called a knife-type laser cutting machine. There are many types of laser cutting machines. It is a knife die laser cutting machine, which is different from other laser machines. The thickness of the knife template is generally eighteen millimeters. Such a thick wooden board is cut by a laser machine. It requires a relatively high energy to cut well. If the energy is low, this kind of wooden board does not cut at all. Therefore, the power of the knife die laser cutting machine is higher than that of the ordinary wood board laser cutting machine.

Knife die laser cutting machine has been developed in China for many years, from 80W laser cutting machine more than ten years ago to 300W butt cutting around 2009. History is a leap-forward development. Especially in recent years, knife die cutting equipment has developed rapidly and updated very quickly. Like the 300W butt-cutting machine, no one has bought it in the market now. Its update speed is also quite fast. The current die-cutting equipment has a power starting from 400W, and its cutting mode no longer requires the traditional to cut, and the single-head cutting is selected. Butt cutting, its stability is very bad. The light is slightly deflected, it can no longer cut, and correcting the light path is also very complicated. It is often possible to correct the light path once, which takes half a day or a day. So, no one likes this kind of cutting technology.

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