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Co2 Laser Die Board Cutting Machine for Wood Agrylic Equipment

400W 600W can be a single head laser cutting die cutting machine cutting 18mm and 22mm board laser cutter template,6-9mm PVC rubber sheet(add oxygen can cut iron plate ,stainless steel,13mm can do blister knife template ,high efficiency ,uniform kerf ,consistent ,the precision error is less than 0.1mm. Maintenance is simple. Do not need gas. Equipment structure is compact .Need small area to install it.
Table Size:
  • WT-LC400

  • WT

  • 8456110090

Steel Rule Auto Bender for Die Board Maker & Die Board Laser Cutting Machine For Die Making & Creasing Rule Cutting Machine



>>> Die Board Laser Cutting  Machine Details

1,400W 600W can be a single head laser cutting die cutting machine cutting 18mm and 22mm board laser cutter template,6-9mm PVC rubber sheet(add oxygen can cut iron plate ,stainless steel,13mm can do blister knife template ,high efficiency ,uniform kerf ,consistent ,the precision error is less than 0.1mm. Maintenance is simple. Do not need gas. Equipment structure is compact .Need small area to install it. The cabinets are made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate,An external power source 220V. and low cost. Technology of simple knife adjustment ,cutting software and AutoCAD ,CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop can compatible edit the path manual operation. maintenance cost is low. greatly saves the production cost of laser cutting die.

2,Adopt the most advanced 400W 600W C02 sealing type water-cooled laser tube combined with precision up to 0.05mm of numerical control mechanical systems. Not only Get The precision of laser die making, But also reduce the costs of laser die making. Suitable for wooden board laser die cutting and precision electronic laser die making. Adopt gantry structure ,to avoid the optical path deviation size problem that high power laser machine has.

3,Do not need to add any auxiliary gas to cut, laser cutting die consumption is extremely low. an external power source 220V is ok. And no opening preparation delay. The cutting costs is only 5 RMB/Hour

4,Can do one-time cutting 1mm-22mm wooden board, Plastic board, organic glass, Acrylic board at speed of 25-30m/h. And the machine can cut the gap at 0.45mm, 0.71mm, 1.07mm, 1.42mm and so on at uniform cutting kerf width also up and down seam.

>>> Machine Feature

● Motor System: Servo Motor to guarantee high precision cutting

● Drive System: HIWIN Linear guide rail + ball screw to guarantee high precision cutting and table moving

● External optical path system: Quality optical lens to guarantee strong laser focus

● Cooling system: Best China CW-6000 Industrial Chiller water cooling

● Exhausting system: Powerful exhaust fans to carry out  smoking

● Laser control system: fully English language laser software, PC control

● Laser power Devices: The Best Co2 laser power supply

● Fixed laser path, ensure the stability of the optical path.

● Laser cutting head coming with auto touching following system, adapt to the jagged materials.

● High temperature heat treatment working table and large gantry milling processing.

Stable machine design, high strength of machine bed, long-year working

● Low consumption of voltage about 4KW per hour, No Gass Comsuption

Technical Parameters


HIWIN  Ball Screw & Linear guide

Laser Type CO2 direct-current stimulated glass laser
Server Motor  Servo Motor to guarantee high precision cutting
Re-positioning Precision ≤0.05mm
Cutting Precision +-0.01mm
Cutting Board Thickness 1-25mm poly wood (Cut 1.5mm stainless steel board and 3mm Normal steel when Add oxygen gas)
Cutting Speed 1-35m/h (18mm wooden board)  1-30m/h(18mm wooden board)
Pneumatic parts: Taiwan-- AirTag
Best Files format DXF,DWG,AL,CDR,PLT (Auto Cad, Core Draw)
Cutting Size X-axis travel length: 1200mm  Y-axis travel length : 1800mm
Power 4kw  220V/ 60HZ  50HZ
Laser Power 400W Single Header
Work Temperature 0-45ºC
light-dimmer 1 Pcs
Tool 1 Sets of tool box
Focus Len 1 Pcs of
Laser Tube 1 Pcs of QT 400W laser tube
high efficiency air filter 1 Sets
Smock Exhaust fan 1 Pcs
Water Cooling CW-6000
Warranty 12 month (except laser tube and lens)

G. Weight


Machine table whole sizes


>>> Auto Bender Machine Details

Steel Rule Bender Machine

How to make steel rule dies by WT Die board laser cutting machine & Auto bender machine:

>>> Machine Feature
Auto Bending ,Bridging , Cutting , Lipping, Broaching,Nicking,Perforation, Bending Notching with 0.45-3mm thick and 8-60mm high blade.
(Die board laser cutting machine for steel rule dies making)
Core parts made of:
2 sets Pansonic server motor(for Feeding and bending);
2 sets gear ruducer motor(for bridging cutting liiping);
2 sets Pansonic server motor(for broaching);
1 stes high precision HIWIN guide screw
1 sets Japan server motor reducer
High quality AirTag cylinder
Self develop controll system subject to change by customer needs Self protect and alarm system Stable and Easy to operate Low maintance fee

>>> Applicable materials and industries
Widely used in blade bending, package box and so on

>>> WT Bending System
1.Feeding-----use the roll feeding system,could feed the steel rule very fast and accurately
2.Cutting-----automatical cutting, easy to cut  the steel rules
3.Bridging-----automatic bridging Width height adjusted atomatically.
4.Lipping-----automatic lipping
5.Bending-----use firmware bending system, could bend the boxes, toys, electronics perfectly
6.Rule Rest-----use the single rule rest,could move two sides to ensure the clockwise or anticlockwise rule trays
7.Broaching ----- Use Tungsten Broaching Saw Blade, Longer LifeTime.
8.Nicking ----- Use Tungsten Nicking Saw Blade, Longer LifeTime. Gap from 0.2mm to 0.8mm.
9.Perforation ----- Use Tungsten Saw Blade, Longer LifeTime.
10.Bending Notching ----- Automatic Bending Notching.
11.Software-----English Spanish Russian interface is easy to learn and operate
12. Trainning -----Complete training installation videos.

>>> WT11B Specification

Technical Parameters                      Blade thickness(mm)
0.45 0.53 0.71(2PT) 1.07(3PT) 1.42(4PT)
Blade height(mm) 8-25 8-25 23.8-60 23.8-60 23.8-60
Maximum bending angle 100 100 100 90 90
Minimum bending radius of 90 degrees(mm) 0.4 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.5
Minimum bending size of the front(mm) 1.0 1.0 1.5 1.5 1.5
Minimum bending size of the Rear(mm) >0 >0 >0 >0 >0
Feeding Accuracy

0.02/200mm  Panasonic Server Motor And High Precision Screw guide

Bending Flatness

0.2/100mm  Panasonic Server Motor Combined with Japan Reducer

Bridge Mode

Automatic continuous bridge, bridge height adjustable(15—18mm) width (5-10mm) Gear Motor drive

Cutting Mode

Automatic cut-off or swing(Automatic identification alarm and self Monitor)Gear Motor drive Full Power

Lipping Mode

Automatic Lipping with Gear Server  drive Full Power

Nicking Mod

One Nicking  Size It is ok to change Saw Blade for different size

Rule Holding cases 6 Layers Rule Holder Elevator. Up Down Automatical

Pneumatic parts

Taiwan-- AirTag
Best Files format DXF, DWG, AI, CDR, PLT
Power 1.8kw  110V  220V / 50HZ  60HZ






>>>Die Making Manual Machine Details


Manual Die board tools are widely use in plywood die board making factory and  die board making work shop.That is good as assistant tools after you buy our blades bending machine for make plywood die board.Also we can provide series of dies for board maker industry machinery.


>>>Why Choose Us?
⊙ WT Bend Machine Can process The Minimum radius of processed 0.5mm,While Other 1.0mm.
⊙ Automatic identificate Cutting direction,Cutting The Knife At any short you want,But Others Don't have those functions,The Shortest Knife to be 2.5mm.
⊙ Automatically adjust the height of the bridge.15 18 mm By a switch.
⊙ No Noise Of Cutting and Bridge By Motor Contril,No Helpless Or Blocking Knife.However Other ⊙ Company usually adopt Pneumatic control,there will occur the Phenomenon Of Helpless And Blocking Knife.
⊙ WT Bend Machine Can Make Bridge Hole continusly,Continuous Working,No Phenomenon Of Round-trip back to Make bridge.
⊙ WT AutoBend Machine Has The Integrated Working(Selsct All The Knife you want to bend,Then the Machine Will bend All the Knife Continusly,The Same as Cutting Line).
⊙ WT AutoBend Machine Has The Automatic alarm and Self Protect Function.When false operation and machine breakdown,The Machine Will Stop and Show the Erro Code,You Can Check it easily.
⊙ All Parts of the Machine ate produced by Vike self.It is rather convenient to Maintain and Replace.All The Mold Of Bending machine are Maintained for free.
⊙ The AutoBend Control System is developed by ourslef,we promise it is free any customer to update lifetime.Our Machine Also can bend the knife and cut the line at the same time.
⊙ The shimpo reducer is original imported from japan,while others are made in china only.

⊙ English software, installation and related training instructions and videos are available for end-users.

⊙  In case of any problems or questions about Laser Die Making technology you can always referto Worthy Tall.

⊙ With our customer-orientated service support, maintenance and repair costs will be kept low.

>>> Please Let Us Know
1.what machine do you need?
2.what materials will be processed? The size and thickness?
3.what is your business scope? Are you end user or distributor?

>>> Our other SNS contact




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