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Laser Die Cutting Machine

  • WTPM2512
  • Laser Control Fault Cutting
  • 15 Cube
  • 1250*2500mm( Other Size Can Be Optional)
  • 1000W to 3000W
  • 18-22mm Die Board Wood
  • Die Board Cutting for Wood Industry
  • High Power CO2 Laser
  • Wt Own Brand and Technology
  • Auto Lubrication
  • 30m/Min
  • 0.01mm
  • WT
  • Plywood Packing
  • 8500x5500x1800mm
  • Dongguan City China Prc
  • 8456100090
Laser Die Cutting Machine


Name Type And Brand Note
1, Laser source part
1 Laser source SLZ SunTop
2 Lens II VI USA
2, Machine Parts
3 Screw Guider TBI TAI WAN
4 Turning Mirror II VI Ф50mm USA
5 Focus Len II VI Ф38.1 mm USA
6 Server Motor FEI LI MEI TAI WAN
8 Induced Draft Fan 2.2KW
9 Reducer Shimpo Japan
10 Chiller China
11 Lubrication system Auto Lubrication

Flat die travel distance

Flat die Pointing Accuracy ±0.03 mm
Flat die Max Idle Speed 12m/min
Size 8500x5500x1800mm

Flat die travel distance

Flat die Pointing Accuracy ±0.01 mm
Flat die Max Idle Speed 12m/min
Size 8500x5500x2200mm

Rotate die travel distance

Rotate die Pointing Accuracy ±0.1 mm/1000mm
Rotate die Max Idle Speed 10m/min
Size 8500x1500x2200mm
15 Flat And Rotate Die Machine Size WTPB2512& WTYH8019 8500x7500x2200mm
16 Voltage 380V±5%

Laser Source Power 1000 W 15KW Electricity
1.1m/min Cutting Speed (±10%)
Laser Source Power 1500 W 18KW Electricity 1.7m/min Cutting Speed (±10%)
Laser Source Power 2000 W 21KW Electricity 2.4m/min Cutting Speed (±10%)
18 Laser Gas Mixture CO2:N2:He is 3%:30%:67%,Gas purity 99.999%
19 Protective Gas N2 Gas purity 99.999%
20 Auxiliary gas for cutting iron O2 cutting iron
3, Auxiliary Parts Added by Customers
21 Air Compressor Capacity is greater than 1 cubic
22 Air Dryer Capacity is greater than 1 cubic
23 Voltage Stabilizer 50KW
24 Air Vessel No less than 0.6 cubic
4, Whole Machine Structure
25 Machine Frame High and slight structural steel


1. Characters Of Flat And Rotate Die Laser Cutting Machine:
1,Self Develop Laser Source And Machine Structure The whole machine is stable and reliable.
2,10 years of professional experience in the production of large laser equipment, providing sound technology, timely service and long-term protection.
3,Using a unique hybrid laser gas and standby mode, the cost is 2/3 of similar products, energy saving.
Laser Die Cutting Machine

4,Machine adopts high-strength structural steel, and use quenching to stress process, to ensure long-term operation without distortion.
5,Laser cutting head with induction servo system to ensure that the cutting gap is not affected by the uneven plate; cutting process can change the width of the cutting gap (servo adjustment system) without stop the machine.
6,Laser cutting head with anti-collision function.
7,Up to three different width cuts can be cut on the same die board.
8,Unique centralized dust removal device, so that the smoke generated during cutting, dust emissions are timely and effective removed, to make the processing environment cleaner.
9,Machine with pneumatic tightening function, the cutting plate will not move.
10,The machine with the cutting board input function, so easy to load the board, The cutting board will not be scratched platform thimble wood.
11,The CNC system without any restrictions from the WINDOWS version. Using network cable to connect equipment, will not happen files lost, computer virus infection or board card system can not find the hardware .
12,Rotate Die Machine Use Eccentric shaft structure design. The shaft will not be directly burned when laser is cutting, to ensure long-term high-intensity operation without deformation. to avoid the same kind of coaxial products from other factory burning defects long-term defects.
13,Rotate Die support part of the rail can be freely sliding, as required, to ensure cutting accuracy.
14,Rotate And Flat machine use of split (two machine using a separate system), Machine works more stable and reliable.

2. Pictures of Flat and rotate Laser Cutting Machine:
1, WTPM2512 Economic CNC Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Die Cutting Machine

2,WTPB2512 High Precision CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Die Cutting Machine

Note :Ground flatness ±10mm.

3, WTYH8019 Rotate Die CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Die Cutting Machine

:Ground flatness ±10mm.

4, WTPB2512&WTYH8019 Flat And Rotate Die CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Die Cutting Machine

Note :Ground flatness ±10mm.

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